West Fest 2013 – Elder Tree

Summer is here! Well sort of, the weather in Chicago has been a little erratic…but we feel it in the air. Either way, the street festivals are coming! This year on the weekend of July 13th The Turn Technology Solutions in collaboration with The Elder Tree will be at West Fest 2013. We will have a booth setup with some goodies. So if you are in the Chicago-area please come out and support us.


During the festival, we will be setting up two interactive stations that will be free to the public. One will be a Digital Photo Booth, the other a Vintage Arcade. These two stations although having very different tasks, will be powered by identical microprocessors. The stations are there for peoples enjoyment of course, but it is also there to demonstrate how far technology has taken us. We used to have huge kiosk with all kinds of wires and circuitry to perform these tasks. Now they can be powered by mini-computers the size of a flash drive. We have come a long way.


We will give you more details on the two stations as the festival date gets closer. We will try to post pictures of the building process and setup as soon as we can. We will also have a full procedure for those interested so you can build your own. We at The Turn truly believe that the hackers(not the bad kind:) ), tinkers, DIYers, will help technology take the next innovative step. They are the individuals creating new uses for current technologies at the consumer level. Stay Tuned.

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