Say Goodbye to Wires in 2016…Hopefully - Intel is introducing their next wave of technology at the Taiwan Computex show. They are showing off  “Skylark”, codename for Intel’s solution to messy wires. Skylark will use the magnetic resonance charging standard to wireless power multiple devices at once. Chances are that we wouldn’t be […]
Microsoft takes a play from Google’s playbook (Free Office) - So last week, Microsoft made Office Online easier to access for the public. This has long been available for a while, but Microsoft has made it easier to find and setup. You will now only require a Microsoft account to get started. (Free to signup) This […]
Tech News – Wacom’s Upcoming Mobile Tablet for Artists - So the rumors are out that there is a new Wacom Tablet on the horizon. There aren’t much details yet. Although there are rumors that it will be powered by the Nvidia Tegra 4 Processor. This is the first Android tablet that Wacom has put […]
How to Build an Android Arcade Booth - So here it is boys and girls. This is the tutorial on how to build your own Android Arcade Booth. This is the same setup that we brought out to West Fest 2013. If you get stumped or have questions, please email us and we […]
The Turn Tech @ West Fest 2013 - First of all, thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth during West Fest! We had a blast, meet some awesome people and got a interactive experience like no other. We like to give a special shout-out to The Elder Tree, for allowing us to […]
Elder Tree Build – West Fest 2013 - This is the week! West Fest is here. This will be the official build-out post for all West Fest 2013 activities. So check back often as I will update this till the day of the event. [nggallery id=1] The Turn Tech was at the Elder […]
West Fest 2013 – Elder Tree - Summer is here! Well sort of, the weather in Chicago has been a little erratic…but we feel it in the air. Either way, the street festivals are coming! This year on the weekend of July 13th The Turn Technology Solutions in collaboration with The Elder […]
Google’s Answer: Project Loon - In an attempt to bring the internet to the world. Google has taken a innovative approach…balloons! This will not be an easy task, but it is something that has great potential. The high-tech balloons will float about 60,000 feet above stratosphere, it will allow Google […]
Apple’s iOS 7 - The big day has come and gone. iOS 7 has been introduced. It will be another few months before we see the new features in our pockets. Notable New Features: -New design Revamped icon design. New font. Flatter. This is the first appearance that apple […]
Worlds Fastest Android Tablet - Meet the fastest tablet in the world. This is a 11.6″ Prototype Android Intel Ivy-Bridge processor running one of the more graphics heavy android games available N.O.V.A 3. Most tablet in the past that have feature Intel processors have been a lot slower, mostly Intel’s […]