How to Build an Android Arcade Booth

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So here it is boys and girls. This is the tutorial on how to build your own Android Arcade Booth. This is the same setup that we brought out to West Fest 2013. If you get stumped or have questions, please email us and we will be more than happy to assist. This entire setup cost us about $200. You can probably cut some corners and do it for even cheaper. Anyways without further delay this is how we did it.

This is what you will need:


1) Android TV Stick (I will be using that MK808B, but any dual-core TV stick or higher should suffice.)

2) USB OTG Cable (To attach game controllers and other peripherals)

3) USB HUB (More Ports!)

4) MicroSD Card (For your Games/Goodies)

5) Game Controllers/Joysticks (Most Linux based game controllers should be compatible. I used the Mayfair Universal Arcade Sticks)

6) USB Wifi Keyboard/Mouse(You can use bluetooth as well but I find Wifi more stable and responsive.)


1) Nes Emulator

2) Snes Emulator

3) Mame Emulators

There are many more emulators that are available on the Play Store. Go Exploring. Remember the more advance emulators aka (N64,Playstaion,etc) will need higher-end Android TV sticks in order to perform correctly. I would recommend at least a Quad-Core CPU if you are trying to play N64 Roms or later.

The Setup

It should be pretty straight-forward once you have all the gear together. Hook up the Android TV stick to you TV/Monitor. Use the OTG cable to hook up the USB hubs and controllers. If you used linux based controller or the Mayfair controllers I suggested, your controllers should be working right away. You need to manually launch every emulator and map the buttons for you controller to work properly. Once all that is done. You can load the Roms(Games) into you SD card. (I will will not be telling you where you can get the game roms, but they aren’t too difficult to find if you dig around in Google.) Then install the SD Card into the TV stick and go into the emulator app and direct it to look for the roms in the SD Card.

Arcade booth

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