Apple’s iOS 7

The big day has come and gone. iOS 7 has been introduced. It will be another few months before we see the new features in our pockets.


Notable New Features:

-New design
Revamped icon design. New font. Flatter. This is the first appearance that apple has come out with for iOS since it was first introduced in the original iPhone.

-Control Center

When you swipe up from the bottom of the screen, you get access to Apple’s new Control Center. Something that is very similar to the control center in Android. You will have quick controls to Wifi, bluetooth, sound volume, brightness, etc. A much needed addition to the iOS world.


Finally, you can now scroll from app to app with ease. Something the android users have bragged about for nearly a year. Just press the home button twice.


The new Safari browser lets you open more than 8 browser tabs, and organizes tabs in a stacked view (very similar to Google Chrome) to make it easier to view webpages. Nothing to get loud about, but something that is needed.


Siri gets a new voice.(Male/Female option) New improvements on search and fuller integration into the iOS system.(Listening back voicemail, returning calls)

It is good to see that iOS is making improvements where it is needed. But there is very little innovation here. These ideas and concepts have all been done before. Refreshing icons, changing fonts and adding old features will only go so far. Apple is a company that everyone in tech looks up to, because of the innovations that it has brought in the past years. It seems like this time around something is missing, or maybe its still coming…we will have to wait and see.

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