The Turn Technology Solutions is a company that was built with one goal in mind, to bring honest and affordable IT solutions to our clients. We do everything from Laptop, Tablet, Cell phone repairs, Networking, B-to-B services, VoIP, VPN, Surveillance, Web design, and Consultation. We also offer on-site services to our clients in the Chicago-land area.

Our slogan here at The Turn is:

“Making Ordinary Technology Extraordinary” 

To give you a little back-story, our slogan was actually a quote from the movie “The Prestige” that we borrowed and paraphrased. If you haven’t seen the movie, its definitely worth a watch. We will try to fill you in on the details of the quote without any spoilers. Basically, the movie is about magic and the way it is preformed by a magician. Basically there are 3 steps to a magic trick, The Pledge, The Turn, and The Prestige. “The Pledge” is where an ordinary object is shown to audience. “The Turn” is where the magician takes that ordinary object and does something to make it extraordinary(ex. Make it disappear). The final step “The Prestige” is the grand finale. (ex. it reappears) Applause!

We at The Turn Technology Solutions believe we are “The Turn”. We can provide our clients with the tools and knowledge in technology that will make their lives and businesses extraordinary.